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Alachua 6U-2 Chris Cannon33000092031
High Springs 6U-133000091612
Alachua 6U-1 Paul Eagle33000091203
Williston 6U-132010061032
Newberry 6U-23201006961
High Springs 6U-231020036111
Williston 6U-23102003250
Alachua 6U-3 Jamie Bailey30030003200
High Springs 6U-330030001190
Newberry 6U-130030000110

Alachua 8U-2 Matt Maracic431000101122
Williston 8U-23210007821
Newberry 8U-13210007303
High Springs 8U-14121005431
High Springs 8U-23120005203
Alachua 8U-1 Ashley Phillips3111004312
Williston 8U-13102003261
Newberry 8U-240040001130
Williston 8U-33003000070

Alachua 11U-3 Meangreen440000123282
Williston 11U-2431000101541
Williston 11U-133000092503
Alachua 11U-1 Mean Machine32100072031
High Springs 11U-332100071330
Alachua 11U-4 Erik Nystrom3210007922
High Springs 11U-1420200617180
Alachua 11U-2 Happy Hooligans3021002450
High Springs 11U-230030007150
Newberry 11U-130030001270
Newberry 11U-230030001260
Williston 11U-330030001130
Hawthorne 11U-130030000210

High Springs 14U-122000061802
Alachua 14U-1 Eric Giambrone22000061520
Williston 14U-232010061271
High Springs 14U-231020031281
Williston 14U-131020036240
Newberry 14U-130030001230

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