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News: Spring 2017 Registration Now Open
Posted by Ashley Sanders, Posted: Mon Feb 13, 2017 @ 1:04 PM

Spring 2017 Registration is now open! 

Registrations forms are available at the Hal Brady Rec Center Office, or download here.

Turn in forms at the Rec Center Office. The deadline to register without a late fee is is March 6th.

 Open practice schedule will be posted soon. The first games will be April 1st.

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News: Weather Policy
Posted by Ashley Sanders, Last Updated: Wed Sep 7, 2016

Weather Policy

Weather in our area is notoriously fickle. It can be bright and sunny at home, and storming at the field, or vice versa. And it can be pouring 20 minutes before practice, and clear in time. 

Such is life in Florida.

That said, we will not play soccer in lightening conditions. We may delay or cancel play. We may also cancel or delay play for extreme wind or storm conditions. We will likely play in light rain.

If inclement weather is expected, the best source of information is your team coach. ...
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News: So, how do I get to see my kid's team??
Posted by Ashley Sanders, Last Updated: Thu Oct 6, 2016

To view the pages for a particular team, you need a login ID, AND your login ID has to be associated with a member of that team. This is not quite the same as you joining the team.
**Change** Team homepages are available to everyone (including grandparents, friends, and neighbors...) upcoming events will be visible as soon as the schedules are loaded.

A team is made up of players, and each one can be associated with a login ID. The login ID is also associated with a person, who may or may not actually be ...
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