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Williston 6U-2440000122404
Alachua 6U-1 Gary Eagle440000121942
Alachua 6U-2 Justin Gerber440000121433
High Springs 6U-2431000101961
Newberry 6U-2420200614102
Newberry 6U-142020061272
Williston 6U-141120041081
High Springs 6U-141120041132
Williston 6U-3410300311150
High Springs 6U-340130010131
Alachua 6U-3 Saci Ramnarine40040001310
Alachua 6U-440040000150

Williston 8U-2440000121213
Williston 8U-14301009713
High Springs 8U-25221008532
Alachua 8U-2 Paul Eagle4220008422
Alachua 8U-3 Chris Cannon5212007492
Alachua 8U-1 Ashley Phillips5131006233
High Springs 8U-15113004551
Newberry 8U-34112004451
Newberry 8U-14112004371
Newberry 8U-24112004351
High Springs 8U-34004000190

Williston 11U-1440000123723
Williston 11U-2440000122304
Alachua United430100923131
Alachua 11U-3 Mean Machine421100722120
High Springs 11U-24211007990
Alachua 11U-2 Alachua Warriors4202006991
Newberry 11U-141030039260
Newberry 11U-241030038320
High Springs 11U-340040007200
High Springs 11U-140040002260

Williston 14U-143010092441
High Springs 14U-143010098102
Williston 14U-2411200412121
Newberry 14U-140130012200

News: So, how do I get to see my kid's team??
Posted by Ashley Sanders, Last Updated: Sun Sep 28, 2014

To view the pages for a particular team, you need a login ID, AND your login ID has to be associated with a member of that team. This is not quite the same as you joining the team.
**Change** Team homepages are available to everyone (including grandparents, friends, and neighbors...) upcoming events will be visible as soon as the schedules are loaded.

A team is made up of players, and each one can be associated with a login ID. The login ID is also associated with a person, who may or may not actually be part of a team.

If you only have one child, you can use either your name or your child's name for your login identification. In fact, if you use the same email address we have from your child's registration when you create your site login, you should automatically have that player associated with the login, and be able to see that team page.

If you have more than one child, things are a little more complicated (but if you have more than one child, you already knew that...). The simplest way to link a login with a player is from a player join invitation email. When you respond to such an email, and use the login you have already created (don't create a new one), the player is linked with your account. So how do you get an invite? Send an email from the contact us link with your child's name and team. If you request to join a team, we will try to match the email to a member of the team and send a player invite.

Still having problems? Send us an email and we'll straighten it out.
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