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Alachua 6U-1 Gary Eagle990000273855
Williston 6U-29702002139133
High Springs 6U-29702002135132
Newberry 6U-29702002128114
Williston 6U-1970200211966
Hawthorne 6U-19513001626163
Bronson 6U-1930600917212
High Springs 6U-393060099232
Newberry 6U-183050099203
High Springs 6U-1821500713202
Alachua 6U-3 Chris Cannon81070035350
Williston 6U-381070032281
Alachua 6U-2 Justin Gerber80080000290

Williston 8U-2871000223317
Williston 8U-1871000222926
Newberry 8U-2870100211536
High Springs 8U-2841300131565
Alachua 8U-1 Ashley Phillips831400105123
Alachua 8U-2 Paul Eagle (Alachua Aces)830500916111
Newberry 8U-183050099261
Alachua 8U-3 Chris Cannon82150076232
High Springs 8U-180260021222
Bronson 8U-180170010231

Alachua 11U-1 Mean Machine8710002258142
Williston 11U-1871000225637
Newberry 11U-28701002151163
Alachua 11U-2 Meangreen8701002150182
Alachua 11U-3 Matt Maracic8503001518232
High Springs 11U-37404001227291
Williston 11U-28404001220173
High Springs 11U-2820600615330
Newberry 11U-1811600418490
Williston 11U-3811600415431
High Springs 11U-1810700312410
Hawthorne 11U-170071004580

High Springs 14U-1870100212984
Alachua 14U-1 Jesse Coyle860200183193
Williston 14U-1830500913240
Newberry 14U-1800800012440

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