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Williston 6U-166000184006
High Springs 6U-165100172144
Williston 6U-265010162173
Newberry 6U-2623101316140
Williston 6U-362130116161
High Springs 6U-2612301013180
Alachua 6U-2 Ashley Phillips61230109141
Alachua 6U-3 Merideth and David Brown61230104210
Alachua 6U-1 Paul Eagle61140913191
Newberry 6U-16006066360

Alachua 8U-1 Meangreen66000182706
Alachua 8U-2 Matt Maracic65100172105
Williston 8U-164020141253
High Springs 8U-263210141143
Newberry 8U-1621301110152
High Springs 8U-162040103102
Hawthorne 8U-16006060280
Newberry 8U-26006060220

Williston 11U-165100173234
Alachua 11U-1 Mean Machine64110152983
Alachua 11U-2 Warriors54110152171
High Springs 11U-264110151783
Williston 11U-264020142773
Newberry 11U-1622201229191
Alachua 11U-3 Nancy Cook521301111250
Newberry 11U-25023178180
Hawthorne 11U-15014162390
High Springs 11U-16006060420

Newberry 14U-1651001727140
Williston 14U-1621301113161
Alachua 14U-1 Eric Giambrone620401014180
High Springs 14U-1612301010160

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