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High Springs 6U-1550000153324
Alachua 6U-1 Caleb Hudkins540100122162
Alachua 6U-3 Brandon Young5401001220103
High Springs 6U-2531100101672
Alachua 6U-4 Raquel53020091682
Alachua 6U-5 Kera52210081152
Alachua 6U-2 Corey Mulvihill520300618152
Williston 6U-152030069141
Newberry 6U-251130044111
High Springs 6U-3510400310280
Newberry 6U-151040032270
High Springs 6U-450050001280

Williston 8U-1651000163315
Alachua 8U-2 Gary Eagle550000151105
Newberry 8U-2531100101014
Alachua 8U-3 Alachua Badgers53110010923
Alachua 8U-1 Alachua Bees53020099130
High Springs 8U-163030097113
Williston 8U-25212007971
High Springs 8U-262040069221
Williston 8U-351040034140
High Springs 8U-360150013160
Newberry 8U-160150011180

Alachua 11U-1 Alachua Warriors550000152723
Williston 11U-3550000152361
Williston 11U-2540100123033
Newberry 11U-3540100122271
Williston 11U-153020091792
High Springs 11U-352120076113
High Springs 11U-151130047181
High Springs 11U-251130044152
Newberry 11U-251130044231
Alachua 11U-2 Alachua Animals51040037190
Alachua 11U-3 Alachua Heat 51040037190
Newberry 11U-150050003250

Newberry 14U-16501001521102
Williston 14U-1540100121872
High Springs 14U-1632100112062
Williston 14U-2630300917140
Alachua 14U-1 Mean Machine62220082191
Alachua 14U-2 Alachua United510400312230
High Springs 14U-260060004440

Posted: Tue May 8, 2018 @ 12:24 AM

Division rankings/standings will only be used in the 14U Division to solely determine tournament placement. 

News: Game Schedules Posted for Spring 2018 Season
Last Updated: Fri Apr 13, 2018

Game Schedules have been uploaded. Uniforms will be available on Saturday - Game Day. Be sure to have players arrive 30 minutes prior to game start to accommodate. Players should wear black soccer shorts, soccer socks, shin-guards, and soccer cleats to the game, unless otherwise directed by team coach. 

News: Spring 2018 Season Game Schedule Coming Soon
Posted: Wed Apr 4, 2018

Spring 2018 Season Game Opener will be held this Saturday, April 7th at the Newberry Sports Complex. Game times have not been finalized. We will upload all division game schedules to the site as soon as available. We should have uniforms by Saturday, but if not, please check with your team coach for appropriate clothing (usually a white shirt and black shorts). Please email with any questions. Remember to "like" and "follow" our Facebook page for game day posts, updates, and season highlights. 
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