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Soccer Update Fall 2023 - Hurricane Idalia

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To all players and parents of the City of Alachua and surrounding areas. The City of Alachua is taking steps to improve the soccer skills of our players. Many parents have stepped up to help grow the skills of players that want more than just two seasons of recreational soccer per year. 

ACTFOR (Alachua Country Task Force on Recreation): The multi-county recreational league for September through November 2023 is happening. Due to Hurricane Idalia ALL tryouts/evaluations have been canceled for Monday the 28th and Tuesday the 29th. The league is working with the recreation department to figure out the best path forward. 

Santa Fe Soccer Alliance: Plans are in the works to create a new division of soccer, the Academy level. This is a steppingstone for players between recreational soccer and a traveling club team. This is currently a work-in-progress with movement happening in many directions. Please let your coaches know if this is something you know as a parent that your child will be interested in and please continue to follow announcements as this program is developed. 

With Regards, 

Your Santa Fe Soccer Alliance Team 

Go Wolfpack 

President: Paul Flynn 

Vice-Presidents: Gary Eagle; Kevin Strattan 

Posted by Jennifer Applebee, Created Mon Aug 28, 2023

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